2018 Tools & Processes Demonstrations

Poster Session: Favorite Reports

This year’s FORUM includes a poster session, during which organizations are expected to bring a favorite report (either internal to Prospect Development or external to fundraisers) to share. All organizations will be expected to participate, and because numerous program areas may be represented, multiple posters per organization are allowed.

Posters can be displayed on paper or digitally. The room will contain tables where cardboard posters can be displayed. We recommend using tri-fold boards that can stand alone. If presenting electronically, presenters will need to have their own laptops but will be able to connect to monitors around the room's perimeter for easier display. 

If you have questions about the poster session, please contact Kari Stokosa (kari.stokosa@supportuw.org).

Show and Tell

As Prospect Development professionals, we use (and invent!) many tools and resources to get our jobs done. The FORUM is a great opportunity to share best practices and innovative ideas by giving a short presentation. The goal is for attendees to go back to their organizations with ideas and tools they can put to use quickly and easily, making an impact using what they have learned.  


This year's FORUM will include two Show and Tell sessions:

Session 1: Projects to Identify and Distribute New Prospects 

Has your team identified new prospects in a creative way? In this hour, we’ll feature presentations on projects your organization has completed to find new prospects – think outside philanthropic interests, or identifying donors who give through family foundations – or fun ways you’ve engaged with your development communities to help people get out and qualify the great prospects you’ve identified – think development officer challenges or newsletters!

Session 2: Ratings of All Kinds

Prioritizing our prospects is key to our work, and often that means rating individuals in many different ways. No two ratings are the same across organizations. This session will focus on sharing details about your go-to ratings. What rating at your organization holds the most weight with development officers? How do you keep your ratings current and relevant? How do you manage development officer-supplied ratings?

How to participate:

Participation as a presenter in the Show and Tell sessions is voluntary; organizations are invited to submit their presentation ideas for consideration. Presentations should be brief – and submissions should indicate whether 5, 10, or 15 minutes are needed. 

Presenters should aim to share insights and ideas using tools that are readily available for download so that others can reproduce them at their own institutions. 

Please submit your presentation ideas to: Kari Stokosa (kari.stokosa@supportuw.org) by April 19, 2018.

All completed presentations will need to be submitted in a pptx file. If you would like to use the FORUM PowerPoint Template for your presentation, the file is attached below.  
Rachel Brandell Mayers,
Jun 25, 2018, 1:33 PM
Rachel Brandell Mayers,
Jun 25, 2018, 1:36 PM