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Celeste Rabaut, MSW


Celeste Rabaut spent her early 20’s as a community organizer in her Detroit neighborhood, trying to understand the workings (and politics) of the Detroit Board of Zoning Appeals. Since then, she has – like many - sat through endless meetings wondering why they were there, what they were trying to accomplish and how they would even know if they got there. 

Her consulting business, which she started 27 years ago, is designed to help organizations answer those kinds of questions.  She has worked with a variety of groups and organizations ranging from large universities, major public health departments and regional planning entities to direct service agencies, faith-based groups and grass-roots neighborhood organizations, providing strategic planning, project management, facilitation and grant writing services. Prior to starting her business, she worked with the Detroit City Council, New Detroit, the Girl Scouts and the Michigan League for Human Services.

Celeste’s approach to strategic planning is backwards. That is, the first question she asks any group is: When all is said and done, where do you want to end up? Her belief is you have to know the answer to that question if you’re ever going to get there.  As she likes to say, “With all the energy you’re expending, you’re going to get somewhere. Let’s help get you to a place where you actually want to be.” 

Celest Rabaut, MSW: Clients
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