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Northwestern University

Brock is an expert on how prospect management has evolved over time at Northwestern.


University of Notre Dame

Cindy is an expert in Annual Planning (working with fundraisers to create a three year vision for their portfolios including proposals and strategies, with follow up during the FY on their plan)


University of Michigan

Craig is an expert in finding ways to link organizational teams and priorities together in order to collaboratively create efficient and impactful fundraising strategies.


University of Cincinnati Foundation

Elizabeth is an expert at getting the most out of our CRM.


University of Chicago

Jami is an expert in Decision Support (decision science, designing strategy), Adult Education (focused on data, systems, technology), Prospect Management Strategy, Analysis (synthesis and design)


The Ohio State University 

Jen is an expert on project management


University of Toronto

John is an expert on major gift prospect identification, evaluation and management.


Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association

Kari is an expert on our new CRM Integration with Outlook, helping in the technology design and currently leading the pilot with end users.


Penn State

Kelly is an expert in Big Picture, Broad Organizational Needs, University Citizen


Purdue Research Foundation

Michele is in an expert in building strong teams, pipeline development, forecasting, and facilitating strategy conversations.


Kellogg School of Management

Sara is an expert in developing robust processes on how to engage our prospects with our dean.


The Ohio State University

Sarah is an expert in prospect management policy.


University of Cincinnati Foundation

Stephanie is an expert in grateful patient programs.



University of Iowa Center for Advancement

Brad is an expert in driving organizational value from diverse data-driven, advanced analytic solutions


Penn State University

Brent is an expert in in working across teams to improve processes, provide guidance on system/user data and offer coach our team on best data practices


University of Michigan

Brett is an expert at making magical things happen with data. I also am a resource for building campaign pyramids.


University of Iowa Center for Advancement

Gokul is an expert on advanced analytics and data science


Cleveland Clinic

Michael is an expert in Data Analytics and Strategy


The Ohio State University 

Molly is an expert in in market research and insights.


Kellogg School of Management

Paul is an expert at helping people with dashboards, modeling/forecasting, surveys/measurement, and automation.


The University of Chicago

Rob is the expert in data and reporting strategy


The Ohio State University

Stephanie is an expert on how to use our data for analytics projects - limitations, quirks, gaps, improved coding, history, meaning and location, and ultimately combining into complex analytics datasets and scores based on the business problem.


Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

Brad is an expert at answering business questions with data solutions in a form that is clear, comprehensible, and concise.

Prospect Management


The Ohio State University

Donna is an expert on grateful patient fundraising.


The Ohio State University

Emily is an expert on Prospect Development training and onboarding. This includes training our internal team as well as development officers and other Advancement staff.


University of Michigan

Kristin is an expert in marketing and communication strategies for PD and prospect coordination within a decentralized environment.


Kellogg School of Management

Kelley is an expert at pulling together multiple datasets and prospect lists to help our team make strategic moves throughout our campaign.


Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

Todd is an expert in providing strategic direction on excellent client service and our "product offering".


University of Michigan

Paul is an expert in developing clear insights into information by applying UX standards. I am also an expert in developing strategic insights through the application of metrics to drive fundraising strategies.



Northwestern University

Dan is an expert on stock data, the financial industry, and amateur Excel guru.


University of Michigan

Heather is an expert on ultra high net worth prospecting and gift strategy.


Loyola University of Chicago

Jessica is an expert on interest based prospecting for initiatives that don't neatly fit into just one school or program area.


University of Michigan

Rachel is working on becoming an expert on women & philanthropy.


Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association 

Viv is an expert in bringing a holistic, big-picture perspective to her team's work. Having worked in gift processing, constituent data management, front line fundraising, grant writing, prospect development, and prospect research, she understands a variety of perspectives in the advancement space.

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